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Alternative Dispute Resolution

There are more ways than one to resolve a dispute.

At Specters Solicitors our Dispute Resolution Team will approach your case with a view to early resolution on favourable terms. After evaluating the nature and size of the dispute, we will advise you of the alternative ways to resolve your dispute.

Pre Action Protocols

Although there is nothing to stop you going straight to court there could be a penalty in costs later if you do not show some effort to engage with the other party at an early stage.

Depending on the type of dispute, courts often require parties to complete a pre action protocol. These protocols require parties to set out their positions in detailed letters of claim, explaining their respective positions, and supported by key documents.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

After these protocols have been carried out the parties may negotiate the terms of a settlement or agree to the appropriate form of process that may lead to settlement. Often they will appoint independent third parties to assist in specific forms of dispute resolution:-

  1. Mediation – A professional will be appointed to mediate between the parties and to try facilitate a mutual beneficial settlement.
  2. Expert Determination – an expert in the field of the dispute will be appointed by the parties to give their opinion on a dispute, often on a narrow technical matter.
  3. Adjudication – In this instance the parties will submit their evidence and arguments and a third party will give an opinion on their rights and obligations.
  4. Arbitration – the Parties appoint a professional to act essentially like a judge. The Arbitrator will give a judgement which is akin to a court judgement in terms of enforceability.

Why Choose Specters

It is important that the firm you use has experience in all forms of mediation and negotiation. The right legal team can make the difference by ensuring your case is well prepared and that all necessary arguments are advanced on your behalf.

It is also important that your legal adviser gives you clear unequivocal advice so you can have confidence that the decision you reach is the correct one.

At Specters we have litigators with over 30 years of experience in mediation, arbitration and litigation who are there to help and advise you.


Once we have assessed your claim, we can offer a number of funding options, which you can read more about on our funding page here. We often offer our clients flexible and risk sharing funding options, including no win no fee agreements, after the event insurance and third party funding.

To get in touch with the Specters team, submit an enquiry below or call us on 0300 303 3629.

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