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Group Action

We can help you claim compensation for loss due to a defendant’s act of negligence or breach of duty.

We are able to assist groups of claimants concurrently who have suffered a loss due to a defendant’s act of negligence or breach of duty, such a professional negligence or breaches of contract. If this has resulted in clients suffering the same or similar types of financial loss, we take on cases from a range of different areas of law.

What is a group action?

To make a group action claim, the claimants need to be affected by the same or similar issues.

Group claims are often bought by multiple people who have suffered financial loss due to the negligent act or omission of one defendant.

Also known as group actions, collective actions and class actions (which is a US term). In essence, although called different things the above carry the same benefits.

What are the benefits of partaking in a group action?

One of the main advantages of a group claim is that in addition to having strength in numbers in the face of the defendant, any legal advice and documents can be shared with other claimants and counsel advice costs can be spread across the whole group of claimants.

The risk of paying the other side’s costs can also be reduced due to collective action funding arrangements.

Flexible funding & No Win No Fee

We offer a range of flexible funding options for group action claims such as no win no fee, deferred fees and no win low fee.

We invite you to request a free initial consultation from Specters to clarify your options for pursuing a group action claim.

To get in touch with the Specters team, submit an enquiry below or call us on 0300 303 3629.

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Group Action FAQs

How do you handle your group action claim?

How the group action is organised is something that you and your fellow claimants can direct us upon. In previous experience of group claims we have taken instructions from individual claimants who therefore seek updates/correspond with us individually and on their own accord. We have also taken instructions from a lead claimant who then updates their fellow claimants in whichever way they see appropriate.

We can conduct the group action either way. In terms of updates, we are happy to arrange monthly recurring online meetings in order to update the claimants and discuss strategy going forward.

What cases do you specialise in?

Specters solicitors specialise in several areas including:

  • Professional negligence
  • Property damage arising out of fire
  • Conveyancing fraud
  • Mis-sold Investment Schemes

How do I start a group claim?

The first stage of setting up the claim is filling out our claim/ enquiry form. Then our legal expert will take contact details of each potential client so that we can set up a case in each of their names and send out initial documentation.