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Whiplash may only feel minor at first, but the potential long-term damage associated with whiplash can be very serious and harmful.

Whiplash Car Accidents

Research shows that there are increasingly more cars on the road. The good news is that cars are built with safety in mind and are designed to protect their occupants. Interestingly the car safety features that may protect you in a high-velocity car crash may not protect you from sustaining a whiplash injury in a low-velocity accident; this is related to the G-force involved.

Symptoms of a Whiplash Injury

Whiplash is a soft tissue injury, where ligament and muscle damage to the head, neck and back may be sustained. It is quite a common injury reported by victims involved in a car accident. The victims head is jolted forwards or backwards, stretching or tearing ligaments causing soft tissue damage to the head, neck and top of the spine.

If diagnosed with whiplash injuries of the head or neck, you may experience dizziness, headaches, lack of concentration, pain in the neck area, the shoulders and also the arms. We always advise that you see your GP or seek medical advice following a car accident.

Recovering from a Whiplash Injury

The severity of whiplash injuries can vary; it can cause discomfort and moderate pain or be totally debilitating. Whiplash can be diagnosed by medical examination or if necessary an x-ray, we can arrange this for you.

It is common for whiplash injury to be sustained following a low-velocity road traffic accident; this is when the vehicles were travelling at a speed of approximately 1 and 25 miles per hour. Of course, whiplash injuries can also be sustained for reasons other than a car accident, such as an injury at work, playing sport, or even a trip or fall.

How we can help

If you are thinking about making a whiplash claim for personal injury compensation, our specialist solicitors have an excellent success record in winning and achieving the highest whiplash compensation available for our injured clients.

In some cases, we are able to deal with whiplash claims on a No Win, No Fee basis. We will arrange an independent medical examination confirming diagnosis and prognosis, so that we can get you the highest whiplash claim compensation for the injuries you sustained.

As symptoms of whiplash injury and the unpredictable recovery prognosis can vary it is vitally important to seek independent legal advice. Contact us today or start your claim here and we will confirm if you are eligible to make a neck injury claim, or claim for whiplash injury compensation.

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