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Industrial Disease

Industrial disease continues to be a serious issue in the UK

For individuals who have worked within the manufacturing industry where materials such as Asbestos, Silica, Kaolin and Iron are being processed, there is a risk they might develop health problems.

Due to the nature of the industrial disease, it can be a very distressing time for both you and your family. While labelled ”Industrial Disease”, this is an umbrella term for a range of conditions or diseases contracted in the workplace.

Examples of work roles which may be affected include:

  • Asbestos factory workers
  • Boiler men
  • Labourers
  • Laggers
  • Miners
  • Roofers
  • Shipyard workers
  • Stone cutters

Different Forms of Industrial Disease


Exposure to Asbestos dust can cause scarring (Fibrosis) to a persons’ lungs, causing symptoms such as breathlessness, coughing and tiredness (Asbestosis). It may take 10 years or more after exposure for the symptoms to develop. Prolonged or heavy exposure to Asbestos can also cause lung cancer (Mesothelioma). Asbestos (blue, brown or white) is now banned in the United Kingdom.


Cancer of the lining of the abdomen or lungs, caused by the inhalation of Asbestos is known as Mesothelioma. This cancer occurs when inhaled Asbestos fibres cause damage to the membrane that protects the lungs (the pleura) the fibre can cause a malignant tumour. When a lining surrounds an organ, a type of Mesothelioma can be found.


Small particles of inhaled silica dust can embed themselves in a persons’ lungs, and this dust is toxic to the lining of the lungs. Breathing will become very difficult as the lungs will struggle to take in oxygen, hampered by thickening tissue and scarring of the lungs. Silicosis is incurable; however, there are treatments available; steroids and oxygen therapies can relieve symptoms and slow its progression.

If you think you have been exposed to Asbestos, if you are experiencing difficulty breathing or suffering any of the above symptoms, you need to seek expert advice.

How we can help with your Industrial Disease Claim

Our expert solicitors are determined to recover the maximum compensation available for the injury and or financial loss sustained. We ensure you receive the best medical treatment and rehabilitation available. We will support you every step of the way through the claim process and long after your industrial disease compensation claim is settled because we understand and we care.

Our experienced team, who have dealt with a number of these types of industrial disease claims, will guide you through the complex legal process, ensuring that you receive the best possible outcome to your industrial disease compensation claim.

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