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‘I have a Court Order giving the other parent contact with my child. What do I do in light of coronavirus?’

This is a common question many separated couples are now asking themselves.

In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic, the government have issued rules to prevent the spread of this disease.

You should abide by the government’s guidance especially if you or your child is currently in isolation due to symptoms of COVID-19.

It is vital that you take adequate steps to comply with government rules and not make your child, yourself or others at risk of infection.

If the other parent to a Child Arrangements Order is putting you under pressure to spend time with the child, it is essential that you request independent legal advice as soon as possible.

Each case will depend on its own individual facts and there may be other special circumstances to be taken into consideration, such as whether you fall within one of the vulnerable categories or if you are living with elderly parents.

Please note that each matter will be dependent on its own facts and merits. Please contact us on 0300 303 3629 for further guidance and advice.