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According to recent studies the demand in the UK for people wanting Solicitors to urgently prepare their Wills has jumped significantly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With high demand and a sense of urgency, can come the risk of inaccuracies. This is why it is vital to have your Will made by experienced professionals.

A Will is an important legal document, which enables you to decide what happens to your money, property and other assets after you pass away. If you have children it can be used to appoint legal guardians to be responsible for them before they reach 18 years of age should you sadly no longer be here to do so. A Will can also be essential for the purposes of tax planning.

As a firm, we at Specters would like to reassure you that we are still open and can assist you with the preparation of your Will.

We are making sure that we keep up with current government guidance with regard to the preparation of Wills. The health and safety of our clients and staff is our main priority, so where possible we will arrange for an appointment with you over the telephone, Skype or FaceTime, to discuss your Will and take your instructions.

It is essential that a Will is drafted correctly to ensure that your wishes are accurately reflected. Once your Will has been drafted we will provide you with assistance and instructions as to how your Will can be executed and witnessed properly in order to avoid any problems in the future, such problems that can occur are the Will being contested by a relative for being incorrectly executed.

It is in fact possible to get your Will in place whilst social distancing measures are in place.

In order to comply with these government guidelines, some of the following examples of signing and witnessing can be carried out, to ensure that your Will is valid:

  • Standing on your doorstep, with your witnesses standing on the pavement, therefore executing your Will at a safe distance.
  • Neighbours standing in their gardens and witnessing the signing of your Will.

We will be on hand to facilitate and guide this process so that your Will is made accurately, efficiently and most importantly, safely.

To get more information about preparing a Will, please get in touch with us by calling 0300 303 3629 or send us an enquiry.