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Across Great Britain in 2018, over 15,000 cyclists were injured or seriously injured whilst cycling.

Whilst cars make up 80% of the traffic on the roads, the casualty rate per miles travelled is much higher for cyclists and for other vulnerable road users, including pedestrians and motorcyclists.

These statistics can act as an unfortunate deterrent to those thinking about taking up cycling, raising the question of whether higher cycling rates will simply lead to more cyclist injuries and fatalities.

There is however research demonstrating that there is more ‘safety in numbers’; meaning the more diversity we have in the ways in which we travel, the safer the roads will be for everyone.

London in particular is a hotspot for people taking up cycling either as a weekend leisure activity or as a healthier and cheaper way to get to and from work.

The Government is now investing huge sums of money into creating safer cycling infrastructure, which will hopefully help give many people the confidence to switch to two wheels instead of four. With many members of our own team regularly cycling in London too, our hope is that this will create a domino effect and see the roads of London become much safer for everyone.

When accidents do occur, it is really important to seek professional legal advice and seek compensation for any injuries or other losses sustained.

There are a number of things you can do whilst cycling on the roads in London that will not only offer protection but can also be very valuable should you ever need to pursue a claim for compensation.

These include:

  • Wearing a helmet. Whilst it is not compulsory, it can offer invaluable protection.
  • Wearing brightly coloured clothing. It is prudent to make sure you stand out on busy London roads.
  • Investing in a camera. Not only are they relatively affordable, they can act as a deterrent to careless motorists and also mean you have solid evidence in the event of a claim.

With over 25 years of expertise in settling claims for accidents involving cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians, Specters Solicitors should be your first call should you experience an accident on the roads of London.

We can offer an initial legal consultation on any potential claim free of charge. Simply send us an enquiry or call us on 0300 303 3629.