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Why is it important to instruct the correct medico legal expert?

There are three main elements that the Claimant has to prove in Tort law to be successful in a claim for compensation. The three elements are as followed:

  • Duty of care – Defendant must owe the Claimant a duty of care
  • Breach of duty – The Defendant’s actions breached that duty
  • Damages – The breach must cause the Claimant to suffer some actionable damage

In addition to the above, the Claimant must prove there is a causal link between damaged caused and the Defendant’s actions i.e. if it was not for the Defendant’s actions the Claimant would not have suffered the injuries sustained.

Accidents can cause a wide range of injuries from minor to life altering disabilities. As a part of the claiming process, you will need to prove the extent of your injuries and your likelihood of recovering from them. A Medico Legal Expert plays a very crucial part in this process.

A Medico Legal Expert can explain in detail the extent of your injuries, the impact they have had on you and the future.

The evidence of the Medico Legal Expert is the heart of any personal injury case and plays a very big factor in the outcome. The opinions of a Medico Legal Expert carry greater weight than the average person.

The Medical Lega Expert will provide their professional opinion, diagnosis and prognosis on the injuries sustained and also comment on future medical treatment needs and your likelihood of recovering from your injuries.

Medical evidence is the core of any personal injury claim, and it is imperative that it is obtained by a professional Medico Legal Expert. Not only does medical evidence play a big factor in the outcome of the case but any compensation payable will be calculated on what the Medico Legal Experts opinion is on prognosis.

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