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As many people will already know, the Supreme Court recently ruled in favour of small businesses whose insurers have refused to pay claims for business interruption losses as a result of the lockdowns from the past year.

This means that hundreds of thousands of business owners across the country are now entitled to claim compensation, which could be a commercial lifeline at a time of severe economic strain.

But, many will not come forward as they may not understand their insurance policy wording correctly or they may have already had their claim declined by their insurer. Specters Solicitors are here to review your policy documents for you and can establish the prospects of you successfully claiming compensation swiftly.

We understand that in this time of economic hardship business owners are even busier than in normal circumstances and need legal guidance that is efficient and clear.

Send us your policy documents and details now to find out where you stand:

Your insurer may have already refused your claim, but that does not necessarily mean you are not entitled to compensation.

Even if your insurer has declined your claim, it is still worth getting your policy documents reviewed independently by us so you know for certain if you have a claim or not.

We can do this for you at an initial consultation, which lasts 30 minutes and is free of charge. You will then know for certain if you have grounds for a claim or not. If you do have grounds for a claim, this could help significantly to protect or grow your business. If you do not, then it gives you the opportunity to review your business interruption insurance and safeguard for the future.

How to file a business interruption claim

All you need to do is complete our business interruption claims form and we can take it from there.

You can also contact us directly with any queries you may have on 0300 303 3629 or at