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What precautions to take in winter as a pedestrian and road users

Travelling around during winter nights can be challenging especially if it is raining, snowing or icy conditions. We all can take certain precautions to keep ourselves and others safe whilst travelling whether that is walking, cycling or driving.

Here are your tiop tips for being safe in these winter conditions:


Ensure before you travel that you check the following on your vehicle:

  1. The lights, mirrors and windows are all from ice, snow and other dirt
  2. Ensure that you window wipers and all the lights on your vehicle are in working order
  3. Add anti-freeze to the radiator and winder additive to the windscreen washer bottle
  4. Ensure all the tyres on your vehicle have plenty of thread and are maintained at the right pressure


Carry out the following checks before you cycle:

  1. Let out some air from the tyres, the grip improves by increasing contact with the road surface
  2. Slow it down – icy conditions and narrow cycle tyres can be dangerous. Just ensure that you are not rushing as this can cause you injury
  3. Stay seen – ensure that you have front and rear lights, (legal requirement)
  4. Dress appropriately – ensure you wear layers to keep warm and wear gloves Wear a helmet. but also wear a high-vis jacket or reflective clothing to ensure that you can be noticed to other road users
  5. Ensure that you bike has had a service
  6. Avoid puddles that may hide potholes or other road hazards


Take the following steps when you are outside walking:

  1. Don’t use your phone whilst walking
  2. Ensure you don’t wear dark clothing, reflective clothing is desirable as you would be noticeable to motor drivers / cyclist
  3. Plan your outings – try going out during daylight hours
  4. Don’t jaywalk – always cross at intersections with traffic signals and stop signs

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