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Credit Repairs / Credit Hire / Diminution

It is estimated that there are 32.7 million road users in the United Kingdom. In 2020 it was reported that 115,584 road traffic collisions occurred which resulted in damage to the vehicle and its occupants – who suffered personal injury.

The damage caused by the road traffic collision to the vehicle can render your vehicle unroadworthy i.e. you cannot legally drive the vehicle. To confirm, there are two reason why your vehicle can be classed as unroadworthy:

  1. The damaged caused by the impact of the road traffic collision was so severe that it would cost more to repair than the value of your vehicle. Therefore, your vehicle would be classed as a total loss. For example, your vehicle is only worth £1500.00 but to repair the damage caused by the road traffic collision it would cost you £3000.00.
  2. Your vehicle is repairable but if not roadworthy. What this means is that not until you have the repairs carried out to your vehicle you cannot legal drive the vehicle as it is not safe to do so.

We know that the whole process of dealing with Third Party Insurers and arranging repairs for your vehicle (or a hire vehicle) can become very stressful. That’s why Specters Solicitors can assist you and deal with every aspect of the matter on your behalf.

What can we do for you?

Specters would instruct Connexus vehicle assessors on your behalf, a qualified Engineer would be instructed to inspect your vehicle and subsequently, a report will be prepared confirming whether your vehicle is repairable or not.

If your vehicle is not repairable then a valuation will be provided, this will be based on similar vehicles to your own i.e. make, model, mileage and age.

However, if it is repairable the Engineer will provide an estimate of how much it will cost to repair your vehicle. Connexus will liaise with the Third-Party Insurers. Thereafter, a copy of the engineers’ report will be disclosed (once it was approved by you), to secure payment for your total loss / repair costs. If your vehicle is repairable, Connexus will arrange for the repairs to be carried out on a credit basis.

As well as the above, Connexus will be able to assist you in obtaining a report for the diminution value of your vehicle.

What does this mean?

Diminution refers to the loss of value therefore, this means your vehicles valuation decrease as a result of the damage caused in the road traffic collision.

To add, whilst your vehicle is off the road and you don’t have access to any other vehicle(s) or form of transport, then Connexus can arrange for a credit hire vehicle to be delivered to your house whilst your own is off the road.

Specters has access to a fleet of vehicles ranging from standard vehicles to prestige vehicles and can be delivered anywhere in the United Kingdom. In short, we cover everything for you!

If you wish to find out more, visit our website or call 0300 303 3629