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If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road accident whilst on your bike, this is a very shocking experience for anyone to endure.

The body will go into self-preservation mode instinctively and shock takes over.

Even if only minor injuries are sustained, this can still be the case.

This happened to me last year, when I sustained a relatively minor injury on my bike with a commuting motorist.

In these situations, it is very easy to forget to follow essential steps after a cycling accident has occurred.

What are the essential steps to take, following an accident?

The important steps that need to be taken immediately after a road traffic accident can be seen below.

1. Take details of the motorist.

The minimum details to be taken include name and address of the driver, as well as their vehicle registration. The reason for this is that your solicitors will be able to obtain the motorists insurance details. This is essential for any claim to succeed.

2. If gaining details is not possible or wise, take photographs.

If you do not wish to, or cannot, exchange details with the motorist, it may be best not to engage, particularly if he or she is behaving aggressively. In this situation, take a photograph of the vehicle registration with your mobile phone. This way the insurance details can be obtained from your solicitors at the very least. The importance of having insurance details for the motorist cannot be underestimated.

If you do not obtain the minimum details mentioned here, it may still be possible to make a claim but this would be against the Motor Insurance Bureau who deal with claims on behalf of claimants pursuing uninsured and/or untraced drivers. However, it is harder to succeed with such claims and the compensation is less.

3. Check for any witnesses and obtain their details too.

This is important to ensure your claim can be supported, and therefore increase the chance of a successful claim.

4. Contact the police.

They may not come to the scene of the accident (they are unlikely to do so, unless a serious injury has been sustained) but they will give you a police reference number and they may then investigate the incident. Even if they do not, the fact you have reported it will assist the claim.

5. Make an appointment to see your GP.

Even if you have injuries which you don’t believe will require your doctor’s input, seeking medical advice will support the claim for personal injury which your solicitors will pursue for you.

6. Keep and preserve your bike.

Your bike may be needed for evidence when pursuing your claim and the expenses needed for bike repairs can be covered under your compensation claim. The Cycle Accidents team can arrange for an independent inspection to be carried out, with an estimated cost for repairs or replacement provided. We can then arrange for a repairer of your choosing, or one of our trusted retailed, this these repairs to be completed.

It is a horrible situation to be involved in, but if you are involved in a road accident when riding your bike, it is imperative you a prepared with the above knowledge and take the appropriate steps, should you choose to pursue a claim.

If you have been involved in a road accident, we invite you to contact the Specters team as soon as possible – phone 0300 303 3629 or submit an enquiry form here and a team member will be in touch shortly to arrange your free initial consultation at a time and location most convenient to you.