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Specters are currently the only law firm representing investors in professional negligence claims relating to investments in Spaldington Eco Resort.
Investors who purchased a plot of land at Spaldington Eco Resort are urged to launch ‘no win no fee’ claims for professional negligence.
Paul Daniel a director and senior solicitor, of Specters Solicitors, acts for investors in relation to a Ponzi fraudulent investment scheme arising out of investments in Spadlington Eco Resort.
If you’re interested in discussing this further, then you can call us on 020 7251 9900, or fill out an enquiry form.

Ponzi Schemes, What are They?

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment scheme offering high returns to investors over a short period of time. They often look like ‘get rich quick’ investment scams.
Investors are blissfully unaware that the return on investment are not yielded through the investment. In fact, profits are gained from capital injections from new investors. It is a cyclical payment system; the new investors pay the old.
Eventually, the un-sustainability of the scheme means that it implodes, and the scheme operator disappears, along with all the investments.
In the UK, convicted fraudsters can be subject to various penalties such as:
• Maximum 10 years imprisonment per offence
• Substantial fines
• Deprivation orders
• Financial reporting order
• A serious crime prevention order
• Confiscation order i.e. proceeds made from the crime will be confiscated and may be used to compensate victims.

Professional Negligence Claims

If you are a victim of financial loss as a result of a fraudulent investment scheme, you may be able to pursue a professional negligence claim. If you choose to make a claim, then you can contact our experienced team by using the contact information provided below.
Whether you instruct a solicitor or a conveyancer, both professionals owe a duty of care to clients to act in their best interests. If either professional failed to advise on obvious or high risks associated with a property development scheme, they may be liable for negligence and/or breach of contract. If you can prove this, then you could make a successful claim.
The Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) regards property schemes as inherently risky. If a scheme offers “risk-free” investments and highly favourable returns to the investor, it should raise alarm bells. Rarely, an investment is ever completely risk-free.
Specters Solicitors specialise in professional negligence claims and group action claims. If you’d like to receive legal representation, then you can contact us by filling out an enquiry form, or by calling us on 020 7251 9900.


Article written by Suzannah Pinkerton, Paralegal at Specters Solicitors