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The type of damages that can be claimed in a housing disrepair claim

As well as making a claim to have your property repaired and put back into a habitable condition, you may also be entitled to make a claim for some, financial compensation.

You can claim financial compensation where the problems you have experienced as consequences of the disrepair at your property has been such so as to:

a) Cause you and / or a member of your family personal pain, suffering and / or inconvenience – where you have not been able to use your rented property in the normal way because of the disrepair that exists.

b) Cause damage to your personal property / belongings – have been damaged as a direct result of the disrepair, you will be able to claim for the expense of replacing them for example this may including damaged bedding, clothing, curtains, carpet or furniture.

c) Cause you to incur additional expenses – this may include increased heating bills as a result of failed window units or the costs of cleaning products you have purchased and used in an effort to combat the effects of the disrepair.

d) Cause issues with you and / or a member of your family’s health (personal injury) – the types of health issues that tenants regularly complain of in housing disrepair matters are as followed (not exhaustive)

  • Breathing issues (e.g. exacerbated asthma, pneumonia or other respiratory infections) caused by the presence of damp and / or mould at the property
  • Skin irritation caused by the presence of mould at the property; and
  • Adverse impact on mental health caused by the stress and inconvenience associated with the disrepair

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