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Contractual Dispute Resolution

Contracts are the cornerstone to the commercial world, with almost every transaction involves a contract of some type.

Contracts aim to regulate the behaviour of parties to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome. Unfortunately, things can often go wrong.

What is a Contractual Dispute?

Put simply, a contractual dispute generally involves a dispute between parties to a contract. Typical scenarios include disputes over the meaning of contractual terms, breaches of contract, mistakes and misrepresentation before a contact, frustration after a contract, and occasionally outright fraud.

Such disputes can arise between businesses and their customers or suppliers. They can have an extremely damaging effect on a business’ supply chains, cash flow and reputation. A business should be properly advised before engaging in a protracted and expensive contractual dispute.

How can you resolve a Contractual Dispute?

Well drafted contracts will often specify how disputes should be resolved, or what remedies should be awarded. In the absence of specific terms, there are common law or statutory provisions which parties can rely on. What is key is to get the right legal and commercial advice at the outset. Contractual disputes can be resolved quickly with good and proactive negotiation between the parties. The alternative is long, drawn out and expensive litigation.

Why Specters?

At Specters, we have a wealth of knowledge of contractual disputes. Our solicitors can quickly get to grips with the parties’ contractual rights and surrounding background to the dispute. We help our clients understand their objectives, and work with them to negotiate commercially sensible and beneficial settlements.


Once we have assessed your claim, we can offer a number of funding options, which you can read more about on our funding page here. We often offer our clients flexible and risk sharing funding options, including no win no fee agreements, after the event insurance and third party funding.

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