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Amputations can arise from a multitude of situations, and are often life-changing as a result.

You can never fully prepare for the changes an amputation can make to your daily life

At Specters, our dedicated team of amputation claim experts can assist with gaining the compensation you deserve.

We have over 25 years of experience in winning compensation for amputation claims and with it the understanding required for these complex cases.

Our team of serious injury specialists have dealt with a variety of serious injury claims, from lower limb to upper limb amputations, understanding the delicate nature of these cases.

You can rest assured knowing your claim will be handled with the utmost professionalism and care.

Our ‘No Win, No Fee’ solicitors know how traumatic amputation cases are by nature, and so treat every individual case with compassion.

We have developed an extensive network of medical experts and specialists to work alongside us and assist you with every requirement following serious injury, from rehabilitation to specialist equipment and home alterations, to ensure you or your loved one get the best possible level of care.

At Specters, our relationship with you doesn’t just end once the case is resolved.

We are a support network here to ensure you, or your loved one can continue with daily life with as minimal suffering as possible. We pride ourselves on the professionalism and care we provide for our clients.

Here are the main types of amputation claims we deal with:

  • Lower limb amputations
  • Foot amputations (including toe and at the ankle)
  • Below the knee amputations (transtibial)
  • Knee disarticulation (through the knee)
  • Above the knee amputations (transfemoral)
  • Hip disarticulation
  • Hemipelvectomy (removal of part of the pelvis)
  • Upper limb amputations

To get in touch with the Specters team, submit an enquiry below or call us on 0300 303 3629.

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