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Law firm Axiom Ince was closed by the regulator on 3 October 2023 with administrators appointed shortly after. The firm provided legal services, most notably in commercial disputes, private client work, and real estate.  

The Serious Fraud Office is investigating Axiom Ince for suspected fraud. This came about after it was found that £66 million of client money disappeared from the firm. In November 2023, the regulator estimated former clients could be owed £33 million. However, it’s likely that this figure will grow. 

What firms operated under Axiom Ince? 

Axiom Ince was made up of multiple law firms and offices. You’ll be affected by the closure if you had a case with: 

  1. Axiom DWFM (with offices in Edgware, London, Birmingham, Bristol, Swindon, Walthamstow and Wanstead) 
  2. Ince & Co (with offices in Bristol, Cardiff and London) 
  3. Plexus Legal LLP (with offices in Chelmsford, Evesham, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Manchester) 

What does the closure mean for clients? 

Those with ongoing cases have had to find alternative legal representation. It’s also known that many clients are still owed money by the firm, particularly in conveyancing and inheritance transactions. 

Others face their claim being struck out or discontinued. Some are also being left with court fees that they didn’t expect. This will commonly happen where solicitors have: 

  1. Failed to issue the claim within strict time limits. 
  2. Discontinued claims after issuing. 
  3. Failed to comply with court directions, orders and deadlines. 

The administration of Axiom Ince has left many in a difficult position. However, it is too early to say how ongoing cases will end up.  

How can you pursue Axiom Ince? 

As an SRA regulated firm, Axiom Ince was required to hold professional indemnity insurance (PII). This protects them for malpractice, and will still be valid despite the firm going into administration. 

If you believe Axiom Ince handled your claim negligently, you may consider making a professional negligence claim against their insurers.  

It’s important to remember that strict time limits apply to professional negligence claims, and we recommend that you contact Specters as soon as possible.  

At Specters, we understand how much stress can be caused by solicitor negligence, and the devastating impact it can have on your life. With years of experience, our experts are here to help you get the compensation you deserve. Get in touch with our team today.