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Have you started a cavity wall insulation claim that has been struck out or abandoned by your solicitor? The stress caused by ordeals such as these is huge, and it’s even worse when you don’t know what to do next. However, you’re not alone.

We know that so many people have been affected by this situation, as there were millions of homes in the UK that were fitted with cavity wall insulation when the government introduced their funded insulation scheme in the 90s.

Whilst this sounds great, unfortunately since it was introduced many people have encountered numerous issues. This is because the cavity wall insulation has led to dampness which has caused significant damage to their homes.

This rising issue has caused people to seek out solicitors to make claims against the people who installed their insulation.


Which solicitors took on these claims?

There were a number of firms of solicitors that took on these cases in an attempt to create a large group action claim. Some of the firms of solicitors that were involved were Pilkington Shaw, SSB Group Limited, and Pure Legal Group Limited.

We know that these firms acted for thousands of clients, many of whom have been stuck in the same situation. Their cavity wall insulation claims have been abandoned.


Where did the problems begin?

We began to see these problems arise when Pilkington Shaw, and Pure Legal went into administration during 2021. The cavity wall insulation claims that both firms of solicitors were dealing with were then transferred to SSB Group Limited, a firm of solicitors situated in Sheffield.

Whilst they were being passed on, and clients thought their cases were being handled, unfortunately for many, this wasn’t the case. Now in 2023, yet again we’ve seen another firm state their intention to employ administrators. This time it’s SSB Group (trading now as SSB Law) who’ve announced this.


Why has my case been abandoned?

We know that many cases of cavity wall insulation claims have been abandoned due to professional negligence from the solicitor.

For example, it is our understanding that in a recent County Court Judgment one of SSB Law’s expert witnesses informed the court in August 2022 that they would no longer act as the expert had not been paid.

The Judgment from Leeds County Court in July 2023 then heard allegations from the Defendant that the expert witness (instructed to support the cavity wall claims) was actually a director of a company connected with a Claims Management Company.

Again, highlighting professional negligence, we saw that the Defendant’s solicitors actually pleaded that SSB Law had acted in a way that was improper, unreasonable, or negligent in instructing this expert.

District Judge Dawson ordered that it was an abuse of the court’s process to issue claims for using an expert when SSB Law knew that this expert was not independent.


Has your cavity wall claim been handled negligently?

Unfortunately, for so many clients, it appears that SSB Law’s handling of the cavity wall claims they had undertaken can only be described as negligent. If this has happened to you, you’re not alone.

Whilst SSB Law did invest a large amount of money taking over the cavity walls claims from Pure Legal and Pilkington Shaw, they too have now gone into administration. They faced severe financial difficulties, and the cavity wall insulation claims they were handling have been discontinued once again.


Have you been ordered to pay legal costs from your cavity wall insulation claim?

We are aware that some clients have been ordered by the courts to pay legal costs even though it was not their fault that their claim was discontinued or struck out.

Furthermore, most clients had taken out an After The Event (ATE) insurance policy to cover adverse costs should the cavity wall claim be struck out. However, it would appear that the solicitors handling the case had not updated the policy provider subsequently resulting in the policy being rendered void and clients being issued with substantial bills for costs.


Making a claim against your solicitor for negligence regarding your cavity wall insulation claim

We understand how stressful and hard these situations can be, especially when you are left with damage to your home. We’re here to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Here at Specters, we have vast experience dealing with professional negligence and group action claims. If you have been affected by your cavity wall insulation claim being abandoned or mishandled, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below.

    Please let us know a little bit more about your case.

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